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Konoha Hoshinomori
Konoha Hoshinomori.jpg
Japanese 星ノ守 心春
Romaji Hoshinomori Konoha
Nicknames Konokono (by Aguri)
Age 16
Birthday April 20
Gender Female
Relations Unnamed parents
Chiaki Hoshinomori (older sister)
First appearance
Anime Episode 8
Light Novel Volume 3
Seiyū Yuuki Kuwahara
Voice Actor Jad Saxton

Konoha Hoshinomori ( (ほし) (もり) (この) () , Hoshinomori Konoha) is a supporting character of the GA (ゲー) MER (マー) S () ! () series. She is the younger sister of Chiaki Hoshinomori and the Student Council President of Hekiyō High School.


Konoha has purple eyes and long dark blue hair, just like her older sister once had, except that she has long hair tied in ponytails while her sister had cut some of her hair and purple eyes.

She is around the same height as her older sister, even though her height is not confirmed yet.


Konoha acts like a proper young lady when acting as student council president at her school. However, when in private, she seems to enjoy the fact that she is surrounded by attractive girls though she also appears to like boys, as well which was shown when she admired and blushed at the looks of Eiichi Misumi and was seen blushing when Keita Amano spoke about his passion for games to her, indicating she is bisexual.

Like her sister, she enjoys playing video games and knows about many old ones appearing touched after Keita mentioned a certain old game. She also has a great interest in playing erotic games but prefers keeping it secret, as shown when she wore a disguise to cover up her activity and tried to reclaim a game from her sister. When people do discover her secret, she gets rather forceful in telling them to keep quiet shown when she told Keita to keep her activities secret.

She greatly cares for her sister Chiaki, as she fully supports her in trying to pursue Keita after seeing how much she likes him. Konoha even took on her sister's gaming aliases to help her though it was clear that she was frustrated with her sister's shy attitude and Keita's obliviousness, which resulted in her punching him. Even as her own feelings for Keita grow stronger, she consistently commits to supporting Chiaki’s love life over her own. This eventually reaches a point where she’s fully acknowledged that she’s completely in love with Keita, but still collaborates with Kōsei Amano—with whom she shares an intense mutual animosity—for the common goal of matchmaking Keita and Chiaki together. Although she confesses her love to Keita before Valentine’s Day in front of Chiaki, even this action is heavily implied to have been an attempt to encourage more assertive action from Chiaki.

It is revealed that she is secretly envious of Karen Tendō and didn't want to be second place to her. As a result, Konoha made the choice to go to another school, where she would have a better reputation and chance to prove herself though its clear she still has some issues about being compared to the latter after hearing comments about Karen. Despite her envy of Karen, and the incentive to sabotage Karen’s relationship with Keita for Chiaki’s and/or her own benefit, when Konoha was presented an ideal opportunity to engineer a breakup between them, her better nature ultimately won out over her temptations and she instead reassured Karen about Keita’s feelings for her. Notably, this act of kindness seemed to earn her a somewhat greater sense of respect from Kōsei that he did not have before.


Konoha is first seen fulfilling her role as her school's student council president, before ending a meeting of the council. After the members leave, Konoha soon expresses her joy at being around such attractive girls before realizing she has somewhere to be. She puts on her disguise and goes out to the game store while there she looks at the erotic games on display. She soon spots Eiichi and Keita, she realizes they go to Karen's school because of their uniforms before she admires Eiichi's looks while viewing Keita's looks as average. She does a random exercise as she is spotted by them though her behavior leaves the two put off by her. Konoha then overhears a talk about Keita's choice of games to Eiichi and becomes amazed by his choice, as while it may not have been popular its still. His talk makes her reflect on her doubts of being second best to Karen and she gets a game that matches his choice. Once at home, she rests on the couch as her sister talks with her before noticing the game that Konoha bought as she tries to explain and fails before she moves reclaim the game from her sister.

She later finds her sister in a disbelieving slump, before getting her up and they discuss Chiaki's new interest in anonymous boy. After receiving a hit on the head for an insensitive comment, Konoha borrows the computer while her sister goes to the store. Konoha is shown asleep in her sister's bed and wakes up after Keita nearly discovers Chiaki is the real "Mono" (Chiaki's name while playing games) and "Nobe" (Chiaki's name as a game developer) his gaming friends. Springing on the moment, Chiaki quickly tells Keita that those people are her sister to Keita's and Konoha's mutual surprise. Konoha is then asked by her sister to pretend to be "Mono" and "Nobe" for Chiaki's sake, due to Chiaki having a very shy and sort of secretive personality.

Accepting her sister's choice and realizing he is the boy she likes, Konoha goes along with it and introduces herself to Keita who was confused by this. Keita later finds Konoha buying erotic games though she forces to keep it between them, much later she was annoyed when he complimented her "work", forcing her to punch him out of anger and embarrassment for his oblivious nature.



  • The name Konoha means "heart, mind, soul" (心) (ko) and "spring" (春) (ha).
  • Konoha's surname Hoshinomori means "star" (星) (hoshi) and "guardian" (守) (mori).


  • Konoha’s debut chapter mentions that her predecessors from the student council five years prior had chronicled their lives in a light novel series. Assuming this refers to the cast of Seitokai no Ichizon—written by the same author as Gamers!—then Konoha would be president of the 37th incarnation of the student council.

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