Episode 7:

Keita Amano and Karen's Best Entertainment

Gamers! Episode 7
Episode Information
Kanji 雨野景太と導かれし者達
Rōmaji Amano Keita to Tendō Karen no Saikō no Goraku
Opening Theme "GAMERS!"
Ending Theme "Fight on!"
Original Air Date August 24, 2017
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Keita Amano and Karen's Best Entertainment (雨野景太と導かれし者達, Amano Keita to Tendō Karen no Saikō no Goraku) is the seventh episode of the Gamers! anime series, first broadcast on August 24, 2017.

Short Summary Edit

Following his accidental confession to Karen, Keita contemplates if he should rescind it due to assuming she and Tasuku are an item. After Aguri tells him to decide for himself on what to do, Keita formally asks Karen to go on a date with him to an entertainment center. As the two spend time playing sports games and going to the pool, things become awkward when they run into Chiaki, who proposes they play a kart game. Although Keita ends up losing, Karen is happy that he made things more enjoyable and the two finish off their date with some cheerful game discussion.

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Characters Edit

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Major Events Edit

  • Keita and Karen become a couple and go out on a date where they have fun despite disasters of the date.
  • Chiaki still trusts Keita in spite of their differences as she ran to him for help.
  • Chiaki reveals she has a younger sister.
  • Tasuku and Aguri still have trust issues regarding their partners.

Trivia Edit

  • AROUND1 Stadium, the place of the date, is based on an actual Japanese amusement store chain called ROUND1 Entertainment, which has many branches, particularly, in the United States.
Episode 07 - AROUND1 ROUND1 store
  • On the English dub of the episode, when Keita was waiting for Karen at the swimming pool, he thought of a "The year is 20XX..." statement. This refers to a meme popularized by the Mega Man series and Super Smash Bros. Melee game, most notably, the character Fox McCloud.
  • The arcade racing game that Keita, Karen and Chiaki played is quite similar to Mario Kart Arcade GP, an actual arcade racing game in the Mario Kart series.
Episode 7 - Arcade Racing Mario Kart Arcade
  • On the endcard, Karen is shown playing with a closely resembled Neo Geo Pocket.

Endcard Edit

Episode 7 endcard

Episode 7 endcard

Quotes Edit

  • "The year is 20XX and humanity is doomed." - (Keita Amano) [English Dub only]
  • "I'm obviously going to lose. But as a gamer, I think it's wrong to disconnect before it's clear who the winner is." - (Keita Amano)