Episode 6:

Gamers and Wipeout "Game Over" / Karen Tendō and Surprise "Happy End"

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Gamers! Episode 6-2
Episode Information
Kanji ゲーマーズと全滅ゲームオーバー
Rōmaji Gēmāzu to Zenmetsu Gēmu Ōbā
Tendō Karen to Fuiuchi Happīendo
Opening Theme n/a
Ending Theme n/a
Original Air Date August 17, 2017
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Aguri and Communication Error Keita Amano and Karen's Best Entertainment

Gamers and Wipeout "Game Over" / Karen Tendō and Surprise "Happy End" (ゲーマーズと全滅ゲームオーバー / 天道花憐と不意打ちハッピーエンド, Gēmāzu to Zenmetsu Gēmu Ōbā / Tendō Karen to Fuiuchi Happīendo) is the sixth episode of the Gamers! anime series, first broadcast on August 17, 2017.

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Keita and Aguri spy on a conversation between Tasuku and Chiaki, missing the first part of their conversation and assuming Tasuku is cheating with her. Both Aguri and Tasuku encourage Keita to ask Karen to be her friend, with Tasuku setting things up so that many students will bear witness to his request. In the run-up to the event, Tasuku, Aguri, and Chiaki start to have wild assumptions of what the reactions of each other will entail in terms of relationships while Karen assumes that Keita is preparing to reject her. As the moment of truth finally arrives, Keita, having completed a dating sim the previous night, inadvertently blurts out a love confession taken from the game, which Karen immediately accepts to everyone's shock.

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  • The plot of this episode was seen in the first episode and its revealed why.
    • Keita accidentally asks Karen out on a date and she accepts in front of everyone who are shocked by it.
    • With her acceptance, Keita finally learns of her feelings for him.
  • Aguri still believes Tasuku is cheating, just as he still worries about her and Keita.

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  • The first title appeared at the start before it was changed to its second title at the end of the episode.
Under Night poster
  • The confession moment refers to the first scene shown in Episode 1.
  • This episode has no opening theme nor ending theme.
  • On the endcard, Karen is shown playing with a closely resembled Nintendo Switch.

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Episode 6 endcard

Episode 6 endcard

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