Episode 10:

Gamers and Next Stage

Gamers! Episode 10
Episode Information
Kanji ゲーマーズとネクストステージ
Rōmaji Gēmāzu to Nekusuto Sutēji
Opening Theme "GAMERS!"
Ending Theme "Koi no Prologue*"
Original Air Date September 14, 2017
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Gamers and Next Stage (ゲーマーズとネクストステージ, Gēmāzu to Nekusuto Sutēji) is the tenth episode of the Gamers! anime series, first broadcast on September 14, 2017.

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As Chiaki feels conflicted over Tasuku's "confession", Keita invites Aguri to join their Gamers meet up to discuss the matter but finds himself unable to bring it up, instead stating his determination to buy a new game from his favorite series. Later that night, Konoha encourages Chiaki to sort out her feelings for Keita. The next day, Aguri gets dragged to an awkward meeting with a middle school friend, Sarina, taking offense when she starts mocking her gamer friends. Meanwhile, Karen asks Chiaki and Tasuku to accompany her as she talks about Keita seemingly liking games more than her, leading to yet another complication when Aguri sees them together. As the others manage to clear up the misunderstanding, they are surprised to find Keita prioritize coming to help Aguri over buying his video game.

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  • Keita conducted a Gamers meet up in order to discuss Tasuku's "confession".
  • Aguri met up with Sarina, her middle school friend.
  • Instead of buying his video game, Keita rushed to Aguri's aid, much to the surprise of the gang.
  • It is revealed Keita put his friends above his love of games.

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Guilty Gear poster
  • On the endcard, Karen is shown playing with the PS4 while using its Virtual Reality headset.

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Episode 10 endcard

Episode 10 endcard

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