Episode 5:

Aguri and Communication Error

Gamers! Episode 5
Episode Information
Kanji 亜玖璃と通信エラー
Rōmaji Aguri to Tsūshin Erā
Opening Theme "GAMERS!"
Ending Theme "Fight on!"
Original Air Date August 10, 2017
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Aguri and Communication Error (亜玖璃と通信エラー, Aguri to Tsūshin Erā) is the fifth episode of the Gamers! anime series, first broadcast on August 10, 2017.

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While Keita is with Aguri, Tasuku discovers that Chiaki is the one Keita had been playing a certain game with the entire time, leading to the moment where Aguri makes her misunderstanding. Feeling that Keita and Chiaki should make up with each other, Tasuku decides to hold a Gamer's Meet Up, inviting Karen to join in. Despite a healthy discussion about the games Chiaki are developing, the misunderstandings involving them and Aguri only seem to increase. The next day, Tasuku tries to convince Keita that he's made more progress with Karen than he thinks he has, only to wind up giving Chiaki yet another misunderstanding.

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  • Chiaki is revealed to Amano's online game friends.
  • Aguri now believes Tasuku is cheating while he feels the same with her association with Keita.
  • Karen learns that Keita was talking to Chiaki for practice to speak with her.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode serves as the continuation of what happened in Episode 3, as the previous episode serves as a filler episode which covers the changing habits of Karen after she meets Keita.
  • "Stoic Battle Z", the fighting game Tasuku played at the arcade, is based on "Street Fighter V", the latest installment of the Street Fighter series.
Stoic Battle Z Street Fighter V
  • On the end card, Karen is shown playing with a closely resembled Game Boy Advance SP while Chiaki is shown playing with a closely resembled Nintendo 3DS.

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Episode 5 endcard

Episode 5 endcard

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